Guaranteed enquiries

Receive enquiries with – or advertise for free until you do

EVERY marketing spend should generate a profit – and we’re super confident that your marketing spend with Kyero will do just that.

For every €25 you spend on Kyero advertising, we guarantee you’ll receive at least one enquiry.

It’s that simple

Kyero has been the #1 lead generator for international buyers in Spain since 2003. Today, Kyero is your best marketing option if targeting buyers from multiple countries is important to your success – it should be.

With 13 years of operational experience, the team at know exactly how to help you generate quality leads which turn into actual sales. We’re so confident in our people, systems, technology, performance, experience and total support, we guarantee your results.

What are Kyero advertising fees?

  • Business level advertising for 100 properties – €197 per month
    • We guarantee you at least 8 enquiries
  • Corporate level advertising for 500 properties – €481 per month
    • We guarantee you at least 19 enquiries

Compare advertising options and receive a customised quotation by email.

Questions or comments?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We normally respond within 4 business hours, often much quicker.

The small print

  1. The Kyero enquiry guarantee is effective for all new clients advertising for the first time on Kyero after February 8th 2016
  2. The definition of an enquiry is one genuine and third-party validated email contact
  3. We guarantee you one enquiry per €25 net advertising spend.  If we fail, you advertise for free until we achieve that level
  4. You agree to advertise for a minimum of 6 consecutive months
  5. You agree that at least half of the property allowance purchased will be live on throughout the advertising term
  6. You agree to consider implementing our coaching suggestions to help improve your enquiry rate